Businesses That Offer The Best Military Discounts


If you’re a military or veteran of any branch, there are great odds your employer will offer you excellent discounts. This can be a huge help when your family and personal needs come into the mix. It’s important to take advantage of any offers that are on the table, but if you’re not sure what companies offer such deals, this list might do the trick! It contains some of my favorite companies in terms of giving back to our service members and vets. Many companies will give you discounts just because you’re in uniform, but some go above and beyond to reward veterans with money-saving opportunities. In this article 15 you’ll see companies that offer military discounts

1. Amtrak

If you have a military ID card, Amtrak will offer you a 15% discount on all train travel in the US. This discount is available to active, guard and reserve personnel and their dependents. It applies to travel on any ticket type; coach, business class and first-class. You’ll receive your discount when you get to the train station or call ahead of time. This business has been around since 1971, so they know what they’re doing.

2. Applebees

If you’re in a branch of the military, you can get a 20% discount at Applebees! All you have to do is show your ID card or proof of service. In some areas, it’s good for up to 5 people in your party as well. Applebees also gives veterans 20% off their check every day of the year! Be sure to ask for this discount when you arrive at the restaurant.

3. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is one of the biggest book stores out there and they are proud to sell books to military personnel. They also offer a 20% discount on all items except hardcovers as well as free shipping on all orders. The best way to get this discount is to sign up for the online newsletter and then have your ID handy when you go shopping!

4. Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot and Office Max are two companies that will offer you a military discount if you’re in the Military or have a military ID card. You’ll receive a military discount of 10 to 15% off of all office and school supplies. These companies also give military discounts to local law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS personnel. This is another way these companies show their appreciation for the men and women who serve our country!

5. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is located all over the world and many military bases have one in or near them. The company gives a 15% discount to anyone who is either active, retired, or a PX/BX shopper. This discount can be used in-store and online at Tiffany’s official website.

6. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has been a longtime supporter of our armed forces and will offer a military discount to any service member or veteran with active-duty status. You can receive the discount in two forms; military mail, or with your ID card. The discount varies depending on what plan you’re on. If you’re an eligible customer, you can expect to receive 15% off all services and devices – this includes phone, internet, text messaging and more!

7. Z Gallerie

If you’re a veteran, you should take advantage of their 10% military discount. It’s good on all items, including gift cards and accessories. They even offer a 15% military discount to active duty and retired service members plus their immediate family! You can use your discount at any store nationwide.

8. Macy’s

Macy’s will give you a 5% military discount in most stores throughout their locations. You can utilize this discount online as well. If you’re in a state which doesn’t offer a discount, you may be able to use a military ID card. There are some places that refuse to accept military ID cards, in those cases you can ask ahead of time.

9. Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker will offer a 10% military discount for active members and veterans who sign up for their email list. They will also give discounts to local law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS personnel. It’s also worth noting that their locations are available nationwide.

10. Best Buy

If you’re in a branch of the U.S. military and they will sell you a TV, Best Buy will give you an additional 20% off the lowest priced television in their store. This applies to all models including Apple TVs and PlayStation 4s.

11. Wilson

Wilson is one of the largest tennis equipment companies in the US and they offer a discount to anyone who is in the military! This can save you a lot of money on their extensive range of quality tennis gear. Many veterans are unaware that Wilson offers such an excellent discount, so be sure to ask about it when you go shopping!

12. Foot Locker/Champs Sports

These two sports equipment stores also offer a 10% military discount to active, retired or disabled soldiers, as well as police officers and firefighters. The discount is available in-store and online. Foot Locker also offers a 15% off military discount to active members of the National Guard or Reserve. You can also use your VA Identification Card if you don’t have a military ID card or DD214.

13. YETI

Yeti is an outdoors company that produces great quality gear for kayaks and other outdoor sports. They are very generous to the men and women who serve our country and will give you a 10% military discount when you show your ID. These guys are awesome! The discount applies to any products from their website, including apparel and accessories.

14. Bass Pro Shop/Jerry’s Outdoor Gear

The Bass Pro Shops offer a 10% military discount for active duty, guard or reserve members as well as veterans. You’ll need to present your ID when you make a purchase of more than $100. Jerry’s Outdoor Gear is also military friendly – they offer an additional 10% military discount on all purchases made in-store.

15. REI

REI is a great place to get outdoor gear if you’re in the military because they offer a 10% military discount to active, retired or disabled service members or veterans. This discount is available in-store as well as online. REI also offers an additional 16-20% off for members who are part of the Friends Program.


The above list is just the tip of the iceberg for military discounts you’ll find at some of the most popular stores in the world. If you’re in a branch of the U.S. Military, let me know in the comments if I missed any other military discounts that your branch gives out!

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