Who Gives A Crap Review and Where To Get Promo Codes


In recent years, the toilet paper industry has undergone a steady decline in quality. With this improvement of products, the toilet paper market has seen a certain advantage with new comers bringing competitive prices and cheaper variants for consumers to purchase. This raises an issue about whether consumers should be focusing their attention on improved raw materials and lower price points, or if they should choose to purchase higher-quality brands.

What Sets Who Gives A Crap Review Apart From Other Brands?

1. It is made from 100% renewable resources

They take the waste from sugarcane production and turn it into a toilet paper. This means that they are creating two products out of one, making them more efficient than other companies. This makes the toilet paper cheaper, harder to copy and it is environmentally friendly.

2. Quality

Who Gives A Crap is the best toilet paper on the market. It is not just soft (it is their top priority) but it also gets you clean and leaves a fresh scent. The toilet paper comes in a nice container and they have some cute marketing behind the brand. They make sure that they always come out with different designs and have awesome ads that show how changing your toilet paper can make a difference to the world.

3. The packaging

Who Gives A Crap has an awesome design so that you never have to worry about your kids playing with their toilet paper. The box is big and clear so that you know exactly what you are getting. They have cute pictures on the top of the box and on the sides.

4. The price

Their toilet paper is not much more expensive than other brands. It’s great for students on a budget and for anyone who likes a good quality toilet paper. It pocket-friendly and doesn’t break the bank.

5. Customer service

If you call them they will listen to your feedback, they are easy to talk to, and will get back to you within a week or less. Even if their pricing changes or there is some issue with their product they will be sure to talk with you about it before deciding if the issue needs changing or not.

6. Softest and recyclable

Who Gives A Crap has a soft feel, which is their number one priority. The toilet paper is affordable and they want to change the way the world uses toilet paper. They want to save trees and use renewable resources. It’s important that we change because if we don’t our world will just keep getting worse.

7. Saves trees

Who Gives A Crap has a great idea: they use sugarcane waste to make their toilet paper. This saves trees and it makes sense to use the waste of something (sugarcane) to make another product. The point is that we need to start using what we have, therefore saving our resources and our planet.

8. Patterned

Their toilet paper comes in different designs: stripes, smiley faces, mandalas and rainbows. Their designs are cute and it’s a great way to show support to the LGBT+ community. Their colors are also cute and fun, so that you know that you’re getting something different from other brands.

9. Available at over 1000 stores

Who Gives A Crap’s toilet paper is available at more than 1000 stores and online retailers. even if you can’t find it in your country you can still order it online and have it shipped to your house. The company ships worldwide and it is free (in the UK the shipping cost is only 5$).

Where to get promo codes for who gives a crap toilet paper?

There are a number of discount code sites that offer Who Gives a Crap discount codes. Some of these sites do not issue Who Gives a Crap promo codes directly, but they link you to other sites that do. The sites listed below are some of the best such sources and the links lead to pages where you can get them.

1. Amazon

Amazon.com offers a wide range of Who Gives a Crap coupons and promo codes, sometimes coupled with an extra 5% off, as part of its promotional deals. The site also offers individual product coupons for some of the items for sale.

2. Groupon

Groupon is another online site that offers Who Gives a Crap promo codes from time to time, such as “Groupon eDeal” deals which are often available for purchase.

3. RetailMeNot.com

RetailMeNot.com is a very popular resource for coupons and promo codes, including some for Who Gives a Crap. It focuses on providing site-specific coupons and deals, rather than general Who Gives a Crap discounts, but the site contains plenty of information and links to retail sites offering such deals.

4. FatWallet.com & SlickDeals.net

FatWallet.com & SlickDeals.net are two other sites that are frequently updated with Who Gives a Crap coupon codes and special offers. They both center on providing links to retail sites offering coupons and deals, which makes them a good choice if you are looking for a site that specializes in Who Gives a Crap discount deals.

5. Ebay.com

Ebay.com is another great resource for Who Gives a Crap coupon codes and deals. The site contains links to a wide range of retailers including general grocery stores, discount stores, department stores and more.

6. FreeShippingStore.com

FreeShippingStore.com is another site that contains a variety of links to retailers offering discounts on retail products. They do not offer Who Gives a Crap coupons, but they do have deals and offers on many products.

7. Groupon Coupons.com

Groupon Coupons.com is a very useful site for finding retail deals for products that are suitable for those who have an interest in Who Gives a Crap toilet paper. The site contains links to retailers offering discounts on groceries and other goods, including Who Gives a Crap toilet paper.

8. Aliexpress.com

Aliexpress.com is another site that has links to retailers offering Who Gives a Crap toilet paper at discounted prices. The site contains links to coupon pages where you can locate coupons and deals for a wide range of products including Who Gives a Crap products.


Toilet paper is a necessity for every household and it is important to have the correct type of tissue for your household’s bathroom. There are many different brands of toilet paper on the market, but there are others that have a higher demand than others. Such brands include Cottonelle, Charmin, and Angel Soft. These brands are used in more households due to their higher comfort level.

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